The British Fenestration Rating Council is launching a new windows and doors U-Value scheme to work alongside its existing WER (Window Energy Ratings) labelling.

The WER label, with its familiar colour-coded A-G bandings, has been in use for 27 years but BFRC technical director Richard Bate said that, as the industry continues to be put under increasing scrutiny to show transparency and accountability, the organisation is doing all it can to help its members in their efforts.

“The introduction of the BFRC WERs has significantly contributed to driving standards up across the industry,” he said, “and we want to do exactly the same with the new U-value scheme.

“Our intention is to promote best practice and ensure our 400+ members get the best possible support and advice. Our customers know they can depend on a credible, reliable and knowledgeable service from the BFRC.”

He added that the scheme has a number of advantages:

  • Under the BFRC product certification scheme, members’ U-values will be independently verified.
  • As part of the requirements of the scheme, members will need to have a BFRC UK Approved Body report (UK Approved Body number 8543). This evidence can also be used as evidence for their UKCA marking. 
  • One audit can cover both the energy rating and U-value schemes (licence fees apply).

Becoming part of the U-value Scheme is simple, he concluded. The organisation can send any approved and audited BFRC member the relevant application forms. Once it has the information and the supporting U-value evidence, it can approve it and add the member to its new website.  Applications are invited now, ahead of the launch of the new website on 1st August. 

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