Window Widgets has marked its first year of zero waste to landfill with the announcement that it has diverted over 42 tonnes of PVC waste away from being dumped.

The manufacturer has also recycled 10 tonnes of cardboard, 5.2tonnes of aluminium swarf, 21.7 tonnes of wood and 1.6tonnes of electrical/electronic waste and other metals.

Customer Service Manager Jade Nelson said: “The way I see it, each time we choose to put some rubbish into the recycling bin as opposed to a normal bin, each time we remember to pick up our reusable water bottle rather than picking one up at the shop or even using a Tupperware container rather than wrapping our lunch in cling film, we make a difference.”

Sales Manager Sally Gingell added: “We have an excellent recycling initiative at Window Widgets, ensuring we recycle our PVC and then use it in the production of many of our Window Widgets’ range.

“We’re also really keen to encourage our customers to improve their sustainability measures too. They could do this with reusable packaging, well planned deliveries, and offering their own recycling scheme for example.”

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