UAP has added a new feature that enables it Ionic electronic lock to identify the kind of attack it is undergoing when threatened. 

The feature, said to be first of its kind, uses haptic technology to sense heat and vibration to detect different threats such as if the door is being kicked, the lock drilled or whether a blowtorch is being used, then pass the information to the user’s smartphone.

CEO David Jennings said: “We developed the Ionic’s haptic technology based on customer feedback which signalled a growing demand for more robust security covering all eventualities. 

“Although most electronic locks provide a very safe option there are still vulnerabilities, which we have resolved with this new feature. Homeowners can now benefit from an unrivalled electronic lock that is always on guard.”

The Ionic also has an integrated power supply and allows wireless charging. A wireless unit, which fits to a door frame, connects to a control unit and powers the lock.

The homeowner can set up new users and a wide range of time settings using the Ionic App. It is also possible to set up one-time-only access for workmen and to add and delete users at the press of a button. 

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