Sternfenster has grown its workforce by 30 in less than three months to build capacity in response to the growing in demand for windows and doors this summer.

Managing director Mike Parczuk said the company had already invested heavily in automation to give additional capacity but, he added: “The limiting factor on that capacity is people. There are jobs that can’t be done without them – however, advanced your operation is.

“With our team fully back from furlough in June, it became clear that we were going to need to recruit to meet demand, which we’ve been able to do successfully and importantly, in line with our plans for longer term growth.” 

This and its partnership with Deceuninck had meant that Sternfenster had been largely able to maintain lead times on foiled products.

“I’m not going to say that we came through completely unscathed,” Mike continued, “but our profile supply chain for the most part held up and with the capacity gains that our recruitment strategy has given us, we were able to maintain supply on foils within what I believe were pretty reasonable time.

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