Hydro has now completed the acquisition of Hueck following approval from competition authorities in Germany and Austria.

The acquisition plan was first announced in December  https://www.the-glazine.com/?p=8033  Senior Vice President Henri Gomez, who heads Hydro Building Systems, said: “Together, as One Company, we will go beyond our sustainability strategy with low-carbon solutions. We are deepening our digital approach to support efficiently our customers, as well as our research into innovations.

“Our mission remains unchanged; we are fully committed to helping our customers realize new opportunities in the building and construction market. We look forward to meeting our new colleagues and together we will write new chapters in our common history.”

Hueck is a family-owned business and provider of aluminium systems and extruded aluminium profiles, with headquarters in Lüdenscheid Germany. It has 500 employees, two extrusion presses and an integrated cast house operation. Hueck is divided into two businesses: Extrusion and Systems.

Germany is the largest segment of the European market for building systems. Hydro now has five extrusion facilities, three recycling facilities and a total of 2,000 employees in the country. This includes 200 technicians who are specialists in creating solutions for windows, doors and facades for the building and construction industry. 

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