Automation, innovation and sustainability will be among the key themes highlighted by Edgetech when Fensterbau Frontale returns this year after a four-year absence.

“In the years to come, we’ll need that same resilience and flexibility to tackle some of the biggest issues facing not just our industry, but society as a whole,” said head of marketing Charlotte Hawkes.

“The climate crisis is one such threat. Meeting hugely ambitious international net zero targets will require sweeping changes to the way we construct and renovate buildings – and the sort of outstanding energy efficiency that Edgetech’s warm-edge products provide.

“Another major obstacle restricting growth in the glass and glazing sector is the worsening skills shortage. In countries like Britain, an ageing population means that thousands of the most experienced construction and manufacturing professionals are set to retire over the next twenty years.

“While governments need to be doing much more to encourage and support talented new recruits to enter vital industries, at Edgetech, we believe we’ll see much wider adoption of automation technology.”

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