Ultraframe is once again a contender for the Customer Care Initiative trophy in the G21 Awards after picking up the award at the last G Awards in 2019.

This year, the company, and its digital marketing partner ICAAL are shortlisted for the Lockdown Toolkit, which helped Ultraframe customers to trade remotely during the pandemic.

Marketing director Alex Hewitt said: “Back in March 2020 when the first lockdown was announced, remote selling was a new and for many, daunting, proposition. We knew that we had to step in and help our customers to trade through these unprecedented times, and working with our longstanding digital partner, ICAAL, we quickly devised and launched our Lockdown Toolkit. It’s a digital toolbox to help customers generate and capture leads and sell remotely. We defined and created a range of remote selling tools that were simple to use, delivered real results, and best of all, were mostly free!”

Digital Tools within the Lockdown Toolkit include chatbots, a quoting engine, virtual appointment add-on, proposal generators, virtual reality tours, and more. Ultraframe customers also have access to an advanced ICAAL CRM system at a subsidised rate which allows them to manage leads right through the sales funnel.

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