Strong demand for premium products including flush casements, colour and finish, combined with high levels of retail activity has led to Deceuninck recording 40% year-on-year growth for the first quarter of 2021.

“We enjoyed consecutive months of record sales under lockdown conditions in the latter half of last year and that has carried through into the start of 2021,” said MD Rob McGlennon.

“This has been fuelled by the home improvement boom created by Covid, but also by increasing demand from consumers for higher value items and especially for colour.

“We know that, on average, our customers sell twice the amount of foiled product as their competitors. For some, it now accounts for as much as 60% of their total output.”

The figures coincide with a recent YouGov report commissioned for Deceuninck, that found 75% of homeowners said that choice of colour was important when considering new windows and doors, with 96% saying that a match to the overall appearance of their property was also key.

“Our survey has reinforced the existing feedback we have on demand for colour,” Rob added, “But it has also revealed a gold mine of data that will allow our customers to sell even more effectively, and to fully capitalise on anticipated demand for the remainder of 2021.”