Garnalex has added a new outer frame to its Sheerline Classic window system to enable the system to be used with deeper plaster lines and larger apertures.

Classic’s extended outer frame is 12.5mm higher and can be joined to the existing small outer frame to give a deeper bottom rail or accommodate on-site requirements. Compatible with Business Micros, Logikal and First Degree software, all Classic outer frames come with insulating foam to ensure a good perimeter seal and boost thermal performance.

Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn said: “Classic is an ideal replacement for heritage-style steel windows or for contemporary homes. Fabricators, installers and homeowners love its beautiful, sleek lines, and our new outer frame option extends the design possibilities even further.”

Like all Sheerline systems, Classic is available in 12 colours (including three anodised finishes) and dual colour combinations in five working days. Traditionally aluminium systems companies have long lead times, making it extremely difficult for fabricators to fulfil their customers’ orders in a timely manner, says the company, but, extruding at source and delivering from stock, Garnalex makes it easy for fabricators to improve their service, so installers look sharp and don’t keep their homeowner customers waiting on long lead times.