Wrightstyle has announced that its WSL SR60  curtain framing system with Schott Pyranova 120 glass has passed EI120 test for dual-directional fire safety, exceeding the criteria by 23% at 148 minutes.

The test was carried out, at WarringtonFire, with the exterior building surface facing into the furnace, significantly more demanding on the system components.

In the test, full furnace temperature was achieved after some 60 minutes, with a peak temperature of 1050 degrees C.

The test module size was three metres by three metres and the test was jointly carried out by Wrightstyle and Schott Technical Glass Solutions GmbH.

Chief design manager Chris Peters said: “This really is a breakthrough fire test and underlines how Wrightstyle has recognised a gap in fire safety and moved to fill it.

“At Wrightstyle, we don’t just rely on computational models to promote our products and systems.  We live test everything, so that we can market everything as complete and guaranteed.

“Fire safety is all about recognising the evolving requirements of specifiers and then, for us, to actively provide safety solutions.”