The BFRC is hoping to sign more big names very soon after welcoming Deceuninck as the first member of its new Noise Reduction Rating Scheme.

The initiative, launched last year means the systems house will now be able to label products for their noise transmission rating in the same way that many are already labelled for thermal efficiency.

BFRC operations director Lis Clarke believes that for many homeowners noise reduction was becoming as important as energy performance. She said:“In discussions with Deceuninck it became clear early on that they had been looking for a system that would measure the acoustic performance of their windows.”

Deceuninck managing director Rob McGlennon added: “Noise pollution is a growing problem. There is mounting medical evidence of the severe impact of prolonged noise on people’s health, with higher instances of dementia, heart disease and strokes. In lockdown there was a huge reduction in road traffic and it reminded us how peaceful life is without excess noise.

“But with the right tools and technical innovations the window industry can improve people’s homes and wellbeing. BFRC’s Noise Reduction Rating scheme is an important development in helping to cut the impact of noise pollution, and we are delighted to be the first systems company to join this scheme.

“We’re really excited by this chance to make a difference and make it simpler for fabricators and installers to benefit from this huge opportunity.”

New labels use BFRC’s ‘rainbow’ system that allows an instantly recognisable comparison against the acoustic performance of another product. Marketing materials have also been designed and will be made available for products that have been tested under the scheme. 

BFRC adds that the products of a number of other companies are in the process of being tested and will be announced as they become certified.