Fensa has worked with RISA and the GGF to issue a new Guide to Compliance with the latest updates and revisions to the Building Regs ‘from structure to fire safety, sealing to ventilation, and access to thermal performance’.

Operations director Lis Clarke said: “With all the recent changes to Building Regulations it was the perfect time to update and re-issue our Guide to Compliance. This is the first update since 2016 so there is a plethora of new information to consider.

“The guide has been produced by experts in the industry with a wealth of experience from the GGF, RISA and Fensa and covers everything from structure to fire safety, sealing to ventilation, and access to thermal performance. It means installers have one publication covering everything they need to know. The guide is free to download and is a key document to help all Fensa Approved Installers avoid any problems with meeting Building Regulations during installation.”

She concluded: “It’s important to stay on top of building regulations and there is sometimes much debate and discussion among industry peers about individual interpretations. It can be hard to sift through the onslaught of information to decipher the facts. And for something so important, installers need a definitive guide. Fensa is pleased to provide this resource for the industry so we can collectively continue to raise standards and provide reassurance to homeowners that the work on their house is compliant.”

The publication is free to download for all Fensa Approved installers.


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