The BFRC today announced that it is launching a new, independently verified acoustic rating system for windows and doors set to be unveiled later this month.

The rating will be shown via a label, in a similar way to its existing A++ – E rainbow label for energy efficient products and will be backed by marketing materials explaining the system to homeowners.

BFRC operations director Lis Clarke said: “There’s been a huge amount of work involved in getting to this stage and it’s very exciting to see how the industry will take advantage of a new product coming to market.

“It’s important that as a market leader we continue to innovate and provide new solutions to our customers that will help them increase sales. Being able to prove the acoustic performance of their windows and doors as well as proving energy performance with BFRC ratings is a huge boost for them and provides a genuine USP as to why their products should be used over those who make unsubstantiated claims.

“We hope that as the industry comes out of lockdown they, like us, see the need to respond to ever changing consumer demands and stand out from the crowd.”

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