BM Aluminium has confirmed the capability of a cloud solution for its LogiKal aluminium processing software.

Technical Manager Daniel Hodges outlined the bebefits: “A cloud based option obviously means that users can log into LogiKal from wherever they are working and share files and documents more easily. It also makes it much easier and more cost effective for businesses to scale their LogiKal set up because they don’t need to invest in new IT infrastructure. 

“It was an obvious next step for LogiKal and, in our view, helps to keep it firmly ahead of the competition.”

BM Aluminium is providing a comprehensive guide on its website to walk customers through the recommended settings and system specification for a seamless transition.

The guide starts with pre-tested server specifications and includes recommendations on using SSD and NVMe storage for provide faster read and write speeds and better overall efficiency compared with traditional HDDs. It also covers firewall settings, configuring the necessary exceptions in anti-virus software, enabling back-ups and connecting to local network folders.

BM Aluminium has teamed up with a specialist cloud IT company to integrate LogiKal within a Terminal Server Cloud environment via secure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and provide implementation and ongoing support to customers.

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