Cyncly-owned First Degree Systems is now offering an SQL backend to Window Designer for new customers as well as existing customers who subscribe to the software rather than buy outright.

Sales manager Greg Beachim explained: “Since joining Cyncly, First Degree Systems has continued to improve the functionality of Window Designer, and this includes the development of an SQL backend, which promises huge advantages for customers.”

He added that feedback from medium to large fabricators revealed they wanted a platform where they could have more control over their data, such as plugging in Power BI [Business Intelligence] and AI-accelerated reporting.

“Drawing on technical expertise from across Cyncly, we can make some fundamental changes to Window Designer, which allows window, door and glass companies operate in an enhanced and optimised way, for example, when it comes to updating prices, it will be far quicker for an IT team to execute an SQL update statement than look for individual identifiers.

“The Window Designer subscription package has been designed so that a fabricator can choose different tiers of functionality, without worrying about paying for unused functions. So, they may start out on a basic package that allows them to process window and door designs, including complex shapes and requirements.”

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