Solidor has introduced the Winkhaus AV4 multipoint locking system as an option.

The AV4 locks automatically once the door is closed, without the need to lift a handle or use a key. It has 40% lower operating forces than the AV2, and aneasily enabled and disabled daytime latch, allowing the door to be opened from the outside without the use of a key.

It features an optimised hook design which provides the widest installation tolerances, reducing the need to adjust the lock through the life of the door. It also uses heavy duty keeps, manufactured using high-grade steel and plated to comply with EN1670 Grade 5.

Solidor commercial director Mark Young, group said: “As homeowners become more conscious about security, it is important that we offer them the latest and best locking systems for their properties. That’s why we’re working with Winkhaus once again, combining our experience in this sector and developing a cutting-edge solution to help give homeowners peace of mind. This latest addition to the range provides even more functionality without compromising on quality or security.”

Winkhaus UK sales director Mike Rushen added:” The AV4 not only exemplifies our dedication to reliability but also introduces a new era of enhanced security and user-friendly technology, providing customers with a state-of-the-art solution that prioritise both security and convenience.”

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