Staff at Vista Panels raised over £13,000 when they took on the Tough Mudder challenge in aid of the son of one of the company’s team members who is afflicted by a rare condition.

The seven, including MD Keith Sadler, completed the North West section of the national event to pay for private speech therapy and rehabilitation for Kurtis Haley who has gluten ataxia, a condition that causes the immune system to attack part of the brain.

“Taking on Tough Mudder North West was a testament to the strength, endurance and commitment of the Vista team,” said Keith.

“Together we faced the challenges of the obstacle course head on, not just as colleagues, but as a family united for a very worthy cause. 

“It was inspiring to see our team come together to support Kurtis and his battle against this rare condition, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to his rehabilitation. At Vista, we believe in standing by our team members in their times of need, and with Tough Mudder, we truly exemplified this.”

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