Sheerline has announced that whole of its Prestige range now carries Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation, following the addition of the label on bi-folds and single and French doors.

Prestige builds on the record of Sheerline’s Classic range that also passed the BSI BS 4873:2016 / PAS24:2016 security performance test in 2021. The test evaluates the strength of a window at each locking point, as well as its overall performance when under attack.

Product design director Adrian Redshaw said: “PAS24: 2016 for window units is set at a specific standard to ensure the complete product resists attack. It focuses on withstanding manipulation of the window hardware and combines mechanical loading, leverage and pressure, and impact testing. The Prestige range came through the tests without a hitch, exceeding many of the required classifications needed to gain a pass certificate and allowing us to attain endorsement by the Secured by Design initiative.”

“Adding the whole Prestige range to our Secured by Design product listing is a massive accomplishment for us, one which should also give our customers a competitive benefit.”

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