Secured by Design has launched its Commercial 2023 Design Guide, including the unveiling of its Gold, Silver and Bronze award gradations.

SBD Commercial provides design guidance and specification requirements for commercial premises so as to reduce the risks of crimes against the person or property such as burglary, theft, arson, vehicle crime and assault. The scope of the document ranges from new schemes to refurbishments of existing buildings and encapsulates both commercial developments where the public have no formal access as in a factory or an office building and those where public access is integral to the commercial use such as in retail premises, leisure centres, warehouses and public service buildings. Such developments may range in size from a single unit with a defined use to a group of buildings with multiple uses.

SBD Commercial 2023 is written with contributions from a range of individuals from backgrounds including the Police Designing Out Crime Officers, the Fire and Rescue Service, trade and industry experts, access control professionals, local authority and building control professionals, together with professors of academia.

Michael Brooke, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Police Crime Prevention Initiatives said: “It is our intention to continually update this guide as a result of further consultations with partners, signalling new iterations of standards and improved styles of applying designing out crime methods in order that communities will be protected from crime for years to come.”

SBD Commercial 2023, including details of the Gold, Silver and Bronze award gradations, can be viewed or downloaded free of charge at COMMERCIAL_GUIDE_23.pdf


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