Total Hardware is already helping its customers get ready for the transition when the changes to Part F of Building Regulations coming into force in June, says the company.

General manager Chris Pell said: “The new regulations mean two big changes for the industry. Fortunately, we’re well-prepared for the change and already hold stock of compliant products from both Glazpart and R W Simon to help our customers with the transition.

“It’s estimated that 30% of windows have trickle vents fitted at the moment. After 15 June 2022, this will increase to over 95%. Obviously, that means greater stocks will be needed across the industry. We’re ready for this so our customers can be ready for the transition.”

The second big change is the size of the trickle vents. Chris said: “The requirement for ventilation is much bigger than it used to be because there’s a recognition that there’s a clear link between good ventilation and good health. It means that not all the vents currently on the market will meet the new requirements. However, products from both Glazpart and R W Simon are ready for the change and we have the products our customers need.”

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