The ongoing shortage of skilled workers in the UK faced two challenges this week as the Construction Leadership Council urged the government yet again to extend its Shortage Occupation list on its points-based immigration system and the Construction Industry Training Board announced that its effectiveness it to come under review by the Department for Education.

The review will consider the ongoing need for Industry Training Boards as a whole as well as their operating models, governance, accountability models and impact.

The call from the CLC comes after the government responded to an earlier plea to relax its rules to include more trades including joiners, roof workers and labourers but it is now asking for further trades to be added.

The body is one of a number of organisations calling for more freedom of movement for workers in the face of the country’s ever-worsening new homes crisis as well as the general skills shortage in manufacturing, retrofit and other sectors.

The CLC has also expressed its dissatisfaction with the qualifying criteria for shortage occupations as well as English language requirements and recommendations regarding short-term mobility.

Also this week, the CITB announced that the Department for Education will imminently be announcing its scheduled review into the role and effectiveness of the Bord as well as the ongoing need for Industry Training Boards as a whole.

The organisation posted: “CITB will be working closely with the review team to make visible our present impact, and to demonstrate our plans and industry collaboration to deliver skills and training for the challenges ahead.

“The DfE will shortly announce a call for evidence from stakeholders on GOV.UK and would particularly welcome contributions from employers in scope of the existing CITB levy orders, as well as trade bodies and representative groups from the construction industry.

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