Liniar has launched Zero|90, a 90mm frame system with U-Values as low as 0.5 W/m²K (0.7 with triple glazing) aimed to meet the demand for Passivhaus-capable fenestration products.

Zero|90 is built around a rebrand of the company’s existing EnergyPlus90 Passivhaus casement window, now extended to a full suite of casement, tilt & turn, mock sash, French and bay window options, alongside a residential and French door, as well as the addition of a recycled core.

The system also includes Zero|90R, a variant specifically for retrofit with a rebated frame projecting inwards without intruding on a 70mm cavity or disturbing internal plasterwork and finishings.

The Zero|90 system is also said to be capable of reducing sound intrusion by up to 42 decibels – in freal terms, halving the noise trans mission of a standard 70mm DG window.

A packed launch event at the company’s Derbyshire HQ this week heard how the system is being trialled in a development of four Passivhaus-certified new-builds in nearby Mansfield.

Fabricators, specifiers and housebuilders heard that, meeting the increasing demand for Passivhaus-capable fenestration products, Zero|90 will help specifiers tackle the challenges of cutting carbon emissions, reducing energy consumption, and advancing sustainable construction methods using renewable and recyclable materials.

Design and Development Director Chris Armes explained: “By significantly enhancing a building’s energy performance and therefore reducing its carbon footprint, Liniar’s latest window and door system will help developers and homeowners transition towards Net Zero living.

“Our calculations show that replacing standard double-glazed windows with Zero|90 can save a UK household over £15,000 during the products’ lifespan. Not only will Zero|90 lower energy consumption and the costs associated with running heating and cooling systems, it also provides superb sound reduction, ensuring occupants enjoy all the well-being benefits that come with living in a comfortable, quiet home.

Group Managing Director Martin Thurley later added: “As a business we have a commitment to innovate products that will both help create energy efficient buildings and work towards our nation’s Net Zero target. We also have our own target of becoming a Net Zero manufacturer and are well on our journey towards this.

“Our aim is to provide Liniar customers with the means to stay ahead of current legislation, and the Zero|90 system will help them do just that. Even if the proposed Part L amendments are reduced, Liniar fabricators and installers will have the assurance that they can offer something better ahead of their competitors – and that’s what we always strive to achieve.” 

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