Fenestration businesses have been assured that they will not be affected by the imminent cancellation of around 60,000 IA (Industry Accreditation) cards for site workers.

Concerns were raised in the industry following yesterday’s announcement by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme that all cards issued via IA will expire at the end of next year and will not be renewed. However, the scheme’s organisers today said that no cards had been issued to fenestration workers on an IA basis so the sector would be unaffected.

IA had allowed workers to obtain CSCS cards on the strength of an employer’s recommendation without having to gain a recognised qualification.

The move is in line with the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) decision to ensure a fully trained and competent workforce. It means that IA cardholders will now have to go on to gain a relevant qualification.

CSCS chief executive Sean Kearns added: “IA cardholders will not need to attend college as much of the assessment can be deliver remotely. Many IA cardholders will find it a straightforward process to replace their cards, such as moving across to the Academically or Professionally Qualified Persons cards.

Sean Kearns continued: “CSCS is committed to playing its part in delivering a fully trained and qualified workforce. The removal of cards issued under IA represents another significant step in achieving this goal. The new guidance and support will help cardholders to either retain their card via the S/NVQ or to easily transition to another CSCS card. 


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