Arrone has issued a new series of step-by-step videos for installing door hardware, with information and guidance on the installation and maintenance of the AR1500 door closer, AR880 single panic bolt and AR915 mortice escape lock.

Each product has a series of three videos: product overview, installation and maintenance – that have been produced to provide a quick and easy way for installers to access the technical information they need.

The product overview videos highlight the specifications, features and certifications to help make sure the correct product is being selected for its intended use. The installation videos show everything from what is in the product box and measuring up through to how to use the template provided to guarantee a perfect fix. Advice is also given on the checks to do after initial installation. To complete the series, a maintenance video is also available to help know what to do when it comes to future inspections and to make sure all is working correctly. 

Technical manager Rob Adams said: “We’ve created these videos to ensure that all of the people who have contact with our products have the information they need to specify, install and maintain products correctly.

“Even the smallest of errors during the installation and poor maintenance can lead to inadequate product performance of door hardware. These videos are to help eliminate those errors. They provide a simple step-by-step process for what needs to be done as well as having overlaying text displayed on the screen, making the videos more useable by more people.”

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