Morley Glass has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Installer Support Programme or Service Initiative’ award in the GGP Installer Awards.

The company, which manufactures IGUs complete with ScreenLine integral blind systems, is nominated for the free post-consumer glass recycling service it offers to installers and fabricators in conjunction with Saint-Gobain Glass.

All the money raised through the production of cullet is placed into a fund called GreenVision which is ringfenced to offer £500 grants to micro-initiatives and individuals whose work will improve the local community, environmentally or socially.

MD Ian Short said: “From something that started out as a relatively simple idea to help our business save on waste disposal costs, our glass recycling initiative has grown to become a really popular service that our customers value and communities benefit from.”

Since Morley Glass installed its recycling plant in 2020, the company has generated over 1,000 tonnes of cullet. This has reduced the amount of sand needed for glass manufacture by almost 1,000,000kg and cut CO2 emissions by over 340,000kg.

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