Listers has launched an Energy Calculator which shows homeowners the potential savings from upgrading their windows.

The calculator is hosted on the fabricator’s own website and is also available to retail companies to host on their own websites as a plug-in.

It uses estimated U-values for older windows, the published U-values for its own energy saving products, the home’s glazed area, and the price of energy to determine the likely cost savings. 

In a typical example, a homeowner in an electrically heated semi-detached property, who replaces single-glazed PVC-U windows with double-glazed Veka windows from Listers, could save £15,290 over ten years, and reduce carbon emissions by 28,760kg. The price of the windows would be in the region of £8,000.

Managing Director Roy Frost said: “Insulating homes and reducing energy usage are key for many households going into 2023, as the risk of further hikes in energy bills is very high. A typical home upgrading their windows today could see their investment paid back in just five years. This is a powerful sales message as the market contracts.”

He added that some homeowners are bringing forward home improvement plans ahead of the expected end of the government’s the Energy Price Guarantee in April.

He concluded: “By offering suites of energy efficient products, we are offering further opportunities for our customers, because homeowners often look for whole elevation refurbishments, and not just, say, the bi-folding door or windows.”

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