Plans announced in the chancellor’s Autumn Budget to create an Energy Efficiency Task Force as well as a further £6billion funding for domestic energy saving in homes and businesses were welcomed by the Federation of Master Builders, adding that the industry is ‘willing and ready’ to support its goals.

The body also applauded the investment in improving vocational skills with a special adviser but also expressed disappointment that nothing was said about tackling the ongoing housing supply crisis.

Chief Executive Brian Berry said: “The FMB welcomes the strong focus on energy efficiency with the creation of a new Energy Efficiency Task Force and an extra £6bn in funding. The industry stands willing and ready to help improve the energy efficiency of our existing buildings and will be looking to be an active partner in the Task Force.”

He continued: “The appointment of an adviser on skills reform and investment in the education system to focus on improving vocational skills is also very welcome. Local builders have long been grappling with a shortage of skilled workers and now is the opportunity to properly invest in vocational skills routes and get more people into the construction industry.”

But he concluded:“It is disappointing that no direct mention was made about the need to of boost housing supply at a time when we need more homes or to reform the planning system which is holding back development.”

These and other plans announced in the budget were also welcomed in a detailed response from the Construction Products Association, see separate article:

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