VBH, the company behind the greenteQ brand, has added two new colours to its suited range of residential door, patio door and window furniture with the introduction of Anodised Satin and Anodised Gold to its Alpha resi-door handle, bringing the total to 12.

Marketing manager Gary Gleeson said, “Alpha was originally launched in 8 painted and plated finishes, before we added our Enduro and Antique Black options in 2019. 

“A number of customers who buy these original finishes also have a need for gold and silver anodised finishes, and don’t like mixing handle styles to obtain these colours. We are happy to have used these requests as the catalyst to expand our colour range further.”

As components of the greenteQ suite, the new anodised handles are covered by the greenteQ 10-year performance and surface guarantee and are approved for use on Q-secure guaranteed installations. These installations are guaranteed against break-in, with up to £8000 available in compensation.


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