UK fabricators and installers have seen a 9% drop in their numbers over the last six years, according to figures calculated by Insight Data.

Analysis of the organisation’s fenestration database found the number of businesses fell from 15,099 to 13,749 between 2017 and 2022.

Operations manager Alex Tremlett said: “The home improvement industry has faced many challenges in the last few years, and unfortunately our data shows some companies have been unable to survive the fallout caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Whether a company has folded, restructured, merged or changed strategy to stay ahead, suppliers may find their well-established relationships could be disappearing.

“This means, companies could be unknowingly wasting time, money and resources marketing their products and services to those lead decision-makers who have actually changed role or organisation.”

“While the number of fabricators and installers has declined over the past few years, our team has successfully managed to increase the number of senior decision maker contacts we hold by 7%. In just six years the contacts have grown from 18,625 to 20,000 meaning our clients have more opportunities to promote and sell their products and services than ever before.”

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