Yale has again pledged its support for Fire Door Safety Week, which this year runs from October 31 to November 4 Fire Door Safety Week.

The initiative, set up ‘in a response to a legacy of fire door neglect’ aims to engage and educate specifiers, building owners and the general public on fire door safety.

The company says fire doors are one of the most fundamental elements of a building’s passive fire protection, acting as the first line of defence in a fire and providing the vital minutes for occupants to evacuate the building safely.

Brett Evans, technical director for door hardware said: “Fire door safety is a huge priority for us. We hope that by supporting Fire Door Safety Week year on year, the initiative will highlight the issues surrounding fire door safety and move the industry forward.

“We are extremely proud of our suite of hardware for fire doors. Each product in the range can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of a fire doorset and provides the outstanding security features you would expect from Yale.”


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