The greenteQ Orion TS007 3 star profile cylinder from VBH is now available in keyed alike suites.

With the new option to open and re-pin Orion cylinders, customers can now have cylinders of different sizes and finishes, all operated by the same key.

Orion keyed alike sets are processed and despatched usually within 3-5 working days.

Head of Sales Dan Powell, who has been heavily involved in the development of Orion’ said: “Orion has proved incredibly popular with door manufacturers and installers, as well as the locksmith industry, since its launch in 2021. The key alike option will only enhance its appeal.”

He added: “greenteQ Orion cylinders that have been re-pinned through VBH still retain the integrity of their TS007 Kitemark 3 star classification, which means that we can continue to offer the proteQ10 snap guarantee on these barrels.

“It’s important that fabricators and installers are aware that this is not the case with all cylinders or re-pinning services. In many cases, once a cylinder has been opened, the TS007 Kitemark is void.”

Orion cylinders are approved to Kitemark TS007 with a full 3 star rating. They are available in key/key, and key/thumb turn variants.

End users are encouraged to register their new cylinder for the free proteQ10 snap guarantee. proteQ10 will pay the end-user £2000 direct if a break in is achieved due to the cylinder snapping within 10 years of the installation date.

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