aluplast has attributed doubling its turnover in the last two years to the introduction of new products, its colour offer, customer acquisitions and continuing demand for home improvements.

“Demand has been exceptionally high over the last two years and sales of coloured product in particular have been a major driver for growth,” said director of sales and marketing Ian Cocken, “The scale of our manufacturing capacity has enabled us to maintain our lines of supply, despite shortages of raw materials in the marketplace, and although we have introduced extended lead times on bespoke colours, our standard foil options are still available off the shelf.

“Increasing homeowner interest for higher value ‘premium’ windows and doors has also led to a surge in demand for our new Flush casement.

“For some of our customers, sales of flush sash have increased by as much as 20%, and the overwhelming majority of orders are optioned with a colour. We’ve also had a very positive response to our Smart-Slide patio.

“We have enjoyed considerable growth over the last two years. Market conditions have played a part in that, but our success wouldn’t have been possible without substantial ongoing investment in product and service. We are expecting demand to continue well into 2022 and anticipate further growth as our new 13-hectare manufacturing facility comes online next year.”