Vertik-Al has again secured the GSB Quality Seal for Approved Coater Aluminium, achieving Master status and retaining its position as the only applicator in the UK and Ireland to hold the quality seal and.

GSB International awards quality seals in different levels of quality. Recipients are tested annually for adherence to the prescribed quality requirements. Vertik-Al met the demands of GSB AL631-5 for aluminium coating companies.

The annual audit checks all parts of the powder coating process including, pre-treatment, coating, stoving parameters and final testing. Vertik-Al will also be subject to two further unannounced tests each year.

Vertik-Al MD John Park-Davies said: “We are very pleased to have maintained our high standards during this challenging period and attain the quality seal for a 27th consecutive year. This year’s audit has been particularly challenging due to the restrictions, with elements moving online and a degree of self-audit.  This experience, however, has led to a greater appreciation of the audit process, and we have become more self-critical.”

Vertik-Al’s Technical Manager Tristan Pope, pictured, also successfully completed and passed the GSB online training course in June. The course addressed theoretical knowledge on the GSB International and quality guidelines, coater examination, and properties and corrosion behaviour of aluminium in the architectural field.  Vertik-Al believes Pope to be the only person in the UK to achieve this certificate.

Vertik-Al also holds the Qualicoat quality label.  To retain both quality seals Vertik-Al must open its doors to scrutiny at least four times a year, making it one of the most dependable applicators in the UK.

Vertik-Al is also a member of the Aluminium Federation (ALFED), the secretariat for Qualicoat UK & Ireland.