Structural glazing sealant Dowsil 933 from The Sherwin Williams Company was used in the fourth and largest phase of the Riverside Quarter residential development in Wandsworth, South West London.

The glazing was carried out by Telford based Structural Glazing Ltd. the first UK specialist to undertake the complete structural glazing process within purpose-built factory facilities. David Hardie, director in charge of the project for Dane Architectural said: “Structural Glazing Ltd. provided all of the certification and technical information on the silicone as part of our technical submissions to the client and architect, CJCT.  They did a really good job and Galliford Try is very proud of the whole project.” 

Mark Banks, the Managing Director of Structural Glazing Ltd, added: ““As we are a Dow Quality Bond customer, Sherwin Williams audits our operations and when it comes to project design, for every project we undertake, Sherwin Williams provides us with calculations that will include factors such as wind load, glass size or the glass make-up. These calculations define how much silicone we need to use to bond the units.  Sherwin Williams will also carry out adhesion tests for us, specific to the type of metal we are bonding to.  This, along with the excellent technical support provided by the Sherwin Williams team, are the reasons why we look to work with them on all our projects.

“In the case of the Wandsworth’s Riverside Quarter project, we bonded the Schuco vents, doors and fascia panels on the project; all using Dowsil 993 Structural Glazing Sealant.  All of our works were undertaken in our purpose-built factory in Telford.”