The BFRC is shouting out to the trade with a new video explaining how systems houses, manufacturers and installers can gin competitive edge by showing the acoustic credentials of their products.

Operations director Lis Clarke said: “Reducing noise pollution created by roads, railways and air traffic can greatly increase our sense of wellbeing and the correct specification of windows and doors can reduce the impact of noise significantly.”

The Noise Reduction Rating Scheme provides evidence, via the highly recognised ‘rainbow’ scale, that windows and doors can offer proven noise reduction performance.

With leading systems supplier, Deceuninck, the first major industry brand to sign-up and other companies currently undergoing the certification process, BFRC believes the Noise Reduction Rating Scheme can significantly boost sales for product manufacturers and installers.

BFRC operations director Lis Clarke said: “The ability to prove the acoustic performance of windows and doors, as well as their energy performance with BFRC ratings, is an invaluable selling tool for the industry. We hope the new video makes it clear that this is really something to shout about.”