Force 8 is claiming a unique innovation with the launch of arched French doors in a flush frame.

The fabricator believes it is the only UK company able to manufacture the unique single length profile bend that the product is based on.

The reason is that the curve on the arch of the frame and the door have to match perfectly, the company explains, so these section lengths are curved together to create a perfect match with a consistent clearance between the outer door sash frames.

Managing director Dennis Sumner said: “Over the years we have continuously improved our one length profile bending process, and educated the market about its strength and aesthetics, but in this instance, there is no other option available.

“We are not saying that another company could not attempt this with their bending method, but the amount of failures to success would make it financially unviable, with a flush system such as this, it has to be perfect, there is no way to hide any imperfections”.
For security and strength the doors are reinforced at the corners and the locking system, originally developed for bi-folding doors, is inlayed into the frame, which includes hooks and shoot bolts at the top and bottom of each door.