Endurance Doors has entered into a partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain is support of its ongoing policy of carbon offsetting.

Commercial director Andrew Speakman said: “We recognise the urgent need for all individuals and organisations to do more to combat the environmental issues facing our planet. We also know that many homeowners are looking to do their part by making more environmentally responsible product choices.

“To address both requirements, we never stop looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, to control our resource consumption and to minimise our waste contribution.”

By investing in different carbon capture or reduction projects around the world, Carbon Neutral Britain enables its partners to balance out their carbon footprint. To date, it has backed projects that have seen additional trees planted in UK woodland, in the Amazon rainforest, and in African mangrove forests. It has also been instrumental in the construction of new wind and solar energy farms.

Carbon offsetting is one of the many ways in which Endurance Doors is working to minimise its environmental impact. The business also uses energy from renewable sources, including solar panels on its factory roof, and makes widespread use of electric vehicles.

It also sends zero waste to landfill, employs recycled materials wherever possible, and uses timber to produce its doors from trees grown in sustainably managed, PEFC and FSC certified North European forests.

Endurance Doors.

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