More than 500 students have signed up for the first in the series of careers fairs organised by Building Our Skills in March.

“This is brilliant news,” said partnerships manager Mark Handley, “Clearly, this new initiative is striking a chord with educators, parents, the industry and students themselves who are seeing the value in it.

“Our aim is to show the industry to over 1,000 school children and their teachers over the course of two pilot events in March. If the two pilots are successful, these will become annual events enabling us to keep in touch with those who attend as they get closer to thinking about their careers.

“It is also our intention to expand the number of events into other areas of the country where we are already working with other local education authorities.”

Building Our Skills has also launched ‘Career Families’ to help students understand the many career options open to them as they get closer to the world of work.

The Career Families will be showcased in person at the pilot events to be held in March 2024 as a part of National Careers Week, beginning in South Yorkshire at the Oakwell Stadium, home of Barnsley FC, with the second in Manchester at the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City Football Club, held in conjunction with the education bodies in South Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

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