Prefix Systems has launched a new ‘100%’ ad campaign to run across print adverting, social media and other channels to support its range including the S2 glazed roof system, Warmroof platform, Verandah and other outdoor living products.

Director Chris Baron said: “Our 100% campaign applies right across our expansive product offering and will resonate with both new and existing customers.

“We’ve got a product range that performs for today’s and tomorrow’s more demanding markets and that’s why we’ve been one of the most successful businesses in the outdoor living market over the last 27 years, but our eyes are firmly fixed on future partnerships with our installer base.”

The company says S2 is being promoted as a 100% modern glazed roofing system, with ‘bold, square cappings, minimum number of components and based on a strong and proven chassis’.

“The 100% warm mantra also makes complete sense in that the Prefix WARMroof is designed to be just that, eliminating the issues that some cold roofs are already beginning to suffer from.

“The outdoor living range will be promoted as 100% inspired, given the clever design detailing, offering both traditional and modern solutions for true three-season living.” 

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