Conservation contractors Trinity Renovations carried out a comprehensive restoration of the timber and steel windows and doors at Oldham Town Hall using a variety of Hodgson Sealants to allow the building to be brought back to its former glory with modern performance standards.

Over the years, the Town Hall has served various purposes, including housing council offices, courtrooms, and even a police station. This extensive restoration transformed Oldham Town Hall into a cultural and entertainment hub, complete with a cinema, restaurants, and public spaces.

After an extensive specialist survey of timber, windows, damp, materials testing, glasswork and joinery, Trinity undertook the replication, restoration and conservation of heritage joinery and carpentry including floors, ceiling and staircases, plus the restoration of over 60 wooden internal doors, screens and extensive wall panelling. As well as timber sash windows, Trinity also renovated 180 steel Crittall windows. Finally unique stained glass windows and doors were removed from the site to be restored before being restored and protected, and put back in situ. As well as bringing these elements back to their prime, Trinity also carried out improvements in window security, sound and draught proofing.

Every fragment of the stained glass windows was meticulously detached, cleansed, fixed – or substituted with new fabrications when required – by Trinity, using Hodgson’s Leaded Lite Cement, which is specifically designed for sealing stained glass and leaded lite windows after assembly and soldering.

The metal casement windows were removed to Trinity’s facility at Lymm in Cheshire for restoration using Hodgson’s Metal Casement Putty, a hand-applied glazing compound that is formulated or bedding and external fronting of single glass into primed steel, timber frames, sealed hardwood and concrete and is designed to be overpainted.

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