Owners of a substantial thatched property in Surrey turned to Ultraframe installer Sherborne Windows when they wanted to add space that would complement their unique home as well as being useable all year round.

The solution was contemporary conservatory extension featuring a glazed Classic roof featuring a curved cornice. The roof, windows, and doors are finished in anthracite grey, paired with white render to complement the render of the property. The conservatory features a mix of full length frames, large picture windows and glazed doors. On the interior, an insulated internal pelmet gives an extension-like feel and has been used to discreetly house spotlights.

Choosing the anthracite grey frames in contrast to the woodgrain frames of the rest of the home demonstrates perfectly that a contrast can often create a real stand out feature, says the company, while the render which replicates that of the house still ensures a seamless look.

Chris Long of Sherborne Windows, said: “It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to design a conservatory for such an unusual and beautiful home. Lots of glass and less framework along with great levels of insulation/energy efficiency to provide year-round use were the order of the day, and the Ultraframe Classic roof, coupled with contemporary windows and doors provided the perfect solution. Although we build lots of glazed extensions, there are not many that are attached to a building with a thatched roof.

“The project brief to create a light and airy living space was achieved but making sure it complemented the home was difficult to imagine during the design stage. The effort put in early on to ensure the new building not only performed but was also aesthetically right was worth it when we look at the finished result. Making sure we kept the new building very simple and with large areas of glass to bring lots of light into the room worked, and the end result is a stunning new space that perfectly complements the rest of this amazing home. The clients were delighted with the result and very happy that they have now created a space that really brings the extended garden into their home, whilst being a comfortable year round living space they can enjoy throughout the seasons.”