Veka is claiming a UK first by achieving the recently updated PAS 24: 2022 security standards for triple-glazed products as well as double, across its entire product range.

Product and Innovation Manager Jack Scullion said: “The latest PAS 24: 2022 Kitemarks will give our customers the ability to choose solutions with both double or triple glazing.

“A key aspect in all new build developments is PAS24:2022 and with upcoming regulation changes imminent with the Future Homes Standards, this will likely include triple glazing.” 

He added that the updated 2022 standard isn’t merely a routine upgrade; it is a comprehensive overhaul meant to align with the evolving methods and tools employed by criminals.

The newly introduced PAS 24: 2022 officially came into effect in September 2022, phasing out the earlier PAS 24: 2016 standard.

Veka double and triple-glazed products are now also Secured By Design certified. This also can result in lower insurance premiums and increased property value.

Hazel Goss of Secured by Design said: “I am really pleased to see Veka gain their PAS24:2022 certification and with triple glazing available on their doors and window products which is an achievement, due to the extra requirements required to house triple glazing.”

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