Mercury has achieved its first ‘Green’ day across all three of its factories after 12 weeks of it adopting its lean manufacturing strategy, as well as establishing a dedicated metrics room that is now an integral part of its multi-site operation.

Manufacturing Manager Alan Hockey said: “The establishment of the metrics room and the successful realisation of our first ‘Green’ day across all factories signifies our dedication to continuous improvement and operational excellence.”

He added that establishing the metrics room plays a pivotal role in this endeavour, serving as a central hub for data collection and manufacturing analysis. By leveraging data-driven insights, the company aims to optimise its manufacturing processes, enhance efficiency, and ultimately deliver continued value to its customers.

He explained: “The system evaluates performance metrics against predetermined thresholds, categorising them as either ‘Reds’ for areas that require attention and improvement or ‘Greens’ for areas that meet or exceed targets. This approach enables the company to focus its efforts on areas that will yield the greatest impact on efficiency and quality.

“Achieving our first ‘Green’ day across all three factories marks a significant milestone in our lean journey and demonstrates the effectiveness of the new metrics room and the commitment of the entire team.” 

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