Bohle has introduced MasterTrack BT sliding door hardware with additions to its existing MasterTrack FT including flush mounting, and anti-jump protection. It is also suitable for space-saving pocket applications, which are increasingly popular among interior designers.

MasterTrack BT offers a sliding mechanism that comes with the option of a hydraulically operated dampening system, as well as further options of a synchronous opening, so that two doors can open at the same time, and telescopic opening which allows two or three leaves to retract simultaneously.

MasterTrack BT is made up of three components: track, roller system and clamping mechanism.

“Sophistication is built into the MasterTrack BT sliding door system,” said MD Dave Broxton. “Its modular system means there are no limits to the room design. With only a few individual components, and thanks to the compact track in which the glass is suspended below the carriage, single and multi-leaf doors – as well as flush ceiling designs – can be installed quickly.

“A simple, accessible glass clamping mechanism provides a secure hold, and means there is no requirement for expensive drilling or cutting out glass. Height adjustment of +/-3mm is also straightforward being achievable from the front of the carrier. MasterTrack is simple to install, performs reliably and looks simply fabulous.”

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