The greenteQ Omega letterbox range from VBH has been expanded to include a remodelled standard sized box and a completely new 56mm Slim version to suit ultra slim transoms.

The opening on Omega Slim is offset towards the bottom of the box’s frame, calculated to maximise the available aperture while ensuring that the letterbox doesn’t overhang the bead on even the slimmest sections.

Omega letterboxes feature convex curved metal flaps that open to near vertical both inside and outside, ensuring that relatively thick packages can be put through the door without putting stress on the letterbox’s springs.

Omega has been tested to BS EN 13724 with a classification of 4241. This calls for 25,000 full ‘closed – fully open – closed’ cycles. 

Both versions are available in nine finishes of the greenteQ Suite, VBH’s range of colour and style-matched window, residential door and patio door furniture. All finishes will exceed 480 hours salt spray testing to BS EN 1670 Grade 5.