The Business Micros Group has added a number of new features including live, automatic pricing options to its Touch Vendor software for installers, ahead of the upcoming launch of its accompanying Touch Portal software for fabricators and fully integrated Touch Connect option.

Subscribers can set up their own pricing grid in Vendor based on the products they quote on, what they buy in at and what they sell out at. They can then include uplifts for colours, glass, hardware and ancillaries, and even add on prices for any extras they need such as installation, skip hire, plastering, sills and rendering. 

Users have the option of quoting with automatic pricing turned on or off, or just using it for certain products on a quote. If they want to send a separate price request form to a supplier, they can do that as well from within Vendor, and they always have the option of running a test quote on every enquiry to validate the total before they send it to the customer.

Installers can also choose to display live product pricing on their website via the window and door designer and effectively price-condition potential customers with a subject to survey, supply only price before they enquire.

Managing director Graeme Bailey said: “Being able to price automatically means installers can save loads of time on every quote, and being able to pre-qualify retail enquiries with a ballpark figure means they are saving even more time not dealing with potential timewasters.

“As you’d expect from the Business Micros team, which includes the web development experts at The Consultancy and Glazing Vault, the pricing set up is intuitive and user-friendly and comes with an online deployment wizard so subscribers can be up and running in no time. They only need to fill out their price grid once and if they need to add on a price rise from a supplier, they can set that to update automatically.”

As well as the new pricing option, Touch Vendor also now includes aluminium and timber products for the first time, and a vastly expanded range of composite door styles and PVC-U options.

Touch Vendor is still available with a month’s free trial. Installers just need to register their details to access the demo.
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