Qualicoat, the aluminium coating standards body has introduced the Aluminium Qualicoat 3.0 Label for premium corrosion resistance.

The Qualicoat 3.0 Label allows for the use of both primary and recycled aluminium and is to be awarded to the aluminium extruder. It requires an aluminium grade 6060 or 6063 where the relationship between alloying elements, extrusion quality, microstructure and corrosion potential meet the details laid down in the appendix of the latest Qualicoat Standard. A Qualicoat 3.0 specification will require a coating member to carry the ‘Seaside’ class membership as a prerequisite coating procedure.

The aluminium extruder will then get the “Aluminium Qualicoat 3.0 grade” Label after a satisfactory result the following tests; an Optical Emission Spectroscopy test; an Anodic Cyclic Polarisation test and an Metallographic Study.