A Derbyshire welfare centre has seen its heating bills cut by two thirds as well as reduced noise intrusion after the installation of secondary glazing by Granada Glazing.

All the windows at the Grade II listed Muslim Welfare Association building in Chesterfield are original and single glazed, which provided little thermal insulation and allowed noise from a neighbouring factory to enter.

Ltd, one of Granada Glazing’s trade partners to discuss options, suitable treatments and fit a total of 59 units.

A combination of horizontal sliding units and arched units were installed in a total of 59 units by Bakewell-based Brocklehurst Property Maintenance. Some windows feature an arched unit stacked over a horizontal sliding unit, while others were treated with two horizontal sliding units one above the other.

Managing director Duncan Brocklehurst explained: “We were approached initially by the property owner to help keep the building warm in the face of rising energy bills. The building is listed and its old, steel windows were simply not performing either thermally or acoustically. In addition to the issues around heat retention, the customer was also experiencing excessive levels of external noise from a nearby factory, which proved particularly challenging during prayer sessions.

He concluded: “The products that Granada supplied have ultimately helped to rectify both issues. The factory noise is now not noticeable at all, and the customer is able to run their heating for just one third the amount of time they were previously. It’s been a massive financial saving.”

Granada trade sales office manager Ellen Dawson said: “Given the requirements from a thermal perspective, we opted for a 4mm toughened Low E glazing solution that would drastically improve the building’s heat retentive properties. 

“Where possible, we specified bespoke, arched units to match the primary windows exactly. Where this wasn’t possible, we instead stacked horizontal units on top of one another. Our entire suite of products offers incredible thermal and acoustic performance; it’s fantastic to hear that the customer has been reaping the benefits of the install so quickly.”


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