Eurocell has announced it is putting nearly £3million into supporting it fabricators as part of its‘Grow with us’ initiative.

Investments include allocations for onboarding new fabricators to the network, along with the addition of new machinery, software, and programming for existing fabricators to enable them to diversify their offerings and meet customer demand.

The systems house says investments have also been made into upgrades and maintenance for equipment currently being used by fabricators, so they can maintain and enhance their productivity and provide an optimised service to customers. It adds that logistics, engineering, and inventory support have also been given as part of the investment alongside lead generation and marketing services to help fabricators in building their businesses further.

The finance package for fabricators is part of Eurocell’s ‘Grow with us’ philosophy, which sees it provide ongoing investment and support to its fabricator network to deliver growth and secure their long-term futures.

This takes the form of marketing and showroom support, as well as assistance with specification and technical issues, and access to Eurocell’s supply chain.

Managing director Andy McDonnell explained: “Our UK-wide network of leading fabricators remains integral. Every action we take is aimed to support their expansion and competitiveness.

“Each fabricator receives technical support from an account engineer to ensure they get the most out of their equipment, while an account manager assists them with strategy and business growth. They also have access to unrivalled technical and specification support – which is extended to any contractors and installers they are working with.

“We also help them by providing new business leads – from commercial, domestic, and new build clients. The aim is always to help them expand their offering through the delivery of high added value solutions for their local customers and to develop opportunities for new business. Through this, they can grow with us by means of a mutually rewarding, long-term collaboration.”

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