Real Aluminium has produced a guide on glazing specification choices to meet the updated building regulations, for a range of purposes including:

  • Replacement on existing dwellings or extensions 
  • New extensions 
  • New build U Values with double glazing used 
  • New build U Values with triple glazing used

The guide also explains how to meet the Notional dwelling target, which allows architects to trade off ‘U’ Values against other materials in a dwelling – as long as they are within the limiting ‘U’ Values. 

Managing director Dean Thomas said: “Real is committed to meeting building regulations to ensure full compliance. Our aluminium profiles use the very best material and offer exceptional lifetime value for money, but the final chosen glazing can make a significant difference to how the completed products perform.

“We are on hand to offer guidance and advice to installers to ensure they can deliver a project of the highest technical standards and building regulations without compromising on the quality of the final installed product.”

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